Liberal Celebration staffer and swimwear model Tamara Sweet exposes she has been hired by MP George Christensen – simply for her academic certifications

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Liberal Celebration staffer and swimwear model Tamara Sweet exposes she has been hired by MP George Christensen – simply for her academic certifications
A swimsuit design turned Liberal staffer and PhD student has actually exposed she is looking into Islam’s Sharia law for conservative Queensland MP George Christensen. Tamara Candy, who was targeted by disgusting online trolls and identified ‘a taxpayer-funded call woman’, thinks it is a possibility Sharia law could ultimately make it to Australian shores. ‘I have been researching all elements of Sharia law and how it has the capability to work as a plural legal system to our own,’ the 27-year-old told The Daily Telegraph. ‘We might see legal recognition of it in the courts one day – things like dowries and Sharia divorces. ‘The thing that’s worrying me is the problem of genital mutilation. Eighty thousand women in Australia are survivors.’. 31D474F200000578-0-image-m-2_1457047777721 Female genital mutilation, which Ms Candy identified as ‘kid abuse’, has long been connected with Islamic fundamentalists because of the religion’s stance on women’s chastity. However in 2007, the greatest spiritual authority in Egypt – where genital mutilation prevailed – said the practice had ‘no basis in core Islamic law or any of its partial provisions which it is harmful and need to not be practised’. Ms Candy, who is dating 18-year-old model Jordi Silvera, included the burqa would not ‘actually be my style’ but she did not hold it against women who opted to don the spiritual headdress. On her Facebook page, the 27-year-old restated her opinion of Sharia law, saying: ‘I am AGAINST Sharia Law here in Australia – or anywhere else for that matter.’. The MP she works for is Mr Christensen who has actually held the federal seat of Dawson, in north Queensland, since 2010. If you want to know more about this you should visit domestic abuse lawyers. He has actually brought in controversy for delivering a speech at an anti-Muslim rally and for comparing content on an LGBTIQ website to ‘the grooming work that a sexual predator may carry out’. Last month, the 27-year-old made headlines when she called out complete strangers who falsely accused her of having cosmetic surgery and ‘resting her method to the leading’ in strange, sexist attacks.

‘I would not mind being a political analyst or a scholastic. Being in the spotlight as a political leader has actually never been my objective, I’m more interested in doing my job well as a staffer,’

Ms Candy informed Daily Mail Australia.

‘Since joining the party and ending up being a member I’ve started to get so much interest online because I have a personal life at the very same time as doing my task.

She stated it was strange how complete strangers made incorrect allegations about her personal life – even incorrectly accusing her of having breast augmentations. ‘I’ve gotten a huge array of nasty remarks and numerous are so incorrect,’ Ms Candy stated. ‘One of the remarks was that I’ve had surgical treatment however I’ve never had any sort of cosmetic surgery in my life.

‘It said “people who have breast augmentations appear so vapid to me” and I thought “helpful for you, I have no issue with them, but I have not had any myself”. ‘I should not need to tell anyone anything about myself. I’ve had people strangers – messaging me to inform me about my own personal life which is fascinating, I didn’t understand they existed. ‘People have actually said that I’ve ‘slept my method to the leading’ which is ludicrous, I don’t know exactly what the top is anyway in this case! Our salaries are online, it’s simple to find.’. The journalist and part-time model strongly believes she does not need to conform to the ‘pearl using’ stereotype of women in politics to be a success, and ‘will constantly march to the beat of her own drum’.

‘I’m glad it’s brought light to some of the nasty discourse from the left I’ve been receiving recently,’ Ms Candy stated. ‘It’s been going on a long time my entire career. It’s fantastic this kind of discourse comes about when women have viewpoints and express their views. ‘If I was simply an Instagram model or took selfies or something like that, individuals wouldn’t threaten me or call me such dreadful things.

The life of a law student campus ambassador

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The life of a law student campus ambassador

Ahead of this year s application due date, York Uni second year Lee Turner discusses how he used his position with King & Wood Mallesons to bag a vac schemeAmong the factors that Lee Turner chose to study at York was because the university teaches law using a problem-based learning method that sees each student designated to their own law practice.

Of his university s innovative teaching style, he describes:

At York you are put into a student law office, containing 12 students. Every week you are offered two scenarios that you brainstorm together to recognize the legal principles involved in the issue and unwind the legal and contextual concerns that lie at the heart of it. Then you do your independent research and feedback on what you discovered. We do that for most modules, and in Legal Skills we frequently engage in mock customer interviews and even settlements with other student law practice.
It s excellent practice for commercial law a field that Turner is identified to pursue. He has actually simply moved a step more detailed towards this objective by protecting a vacation scheme at the London office of King Wood Mallesons (KWM), the global firm where he is currently York University s campus ambassador.
Turner believes that the combination of problem-based learning and the KWM role has actually offered him an edge over students at more traditional universities, who tend to consider their job prospects at a later phase.

Being a school ambassador has been terrific, he says, not only in offering me experience of holding a position of responsibility but also in terms of establishing relationships at KWM, especially with its graduate recruitment department and trainees.

Drawn to KWM by its strong existence in Asia, Turner followed up a conference with the firm at a law fair and at KWM s open day in his first year with an application for its campus ambassador position this time in 2014. An evaluation day at KWM s City of London office followed, throughout which Turner and the other hopefuls were required to provide a presentation about how they would choose to spend 500 to promote the firm on campus.

Turner s Asian-themed occasion concept impressed the judges, and he emerged from a crowded field to protect the desired York KWM campus ambassador position one of 9 the firm provides around the country. The others are at the universities of Bristol, Durham, Nottingham, Warwick, Leeds, LSE, UCL, KCL and Manchester. You can apply for this year s positions here. Turner remembers:

The school supervisor interview was my very first experience of a City law office, and definitely being evaluated by one. It proved to be a great experience in the vac plan interview I just recently successfully finished, which comes as part of the campus supervisor role. For more detail visit Turner s primary obligation has actually been organising KWM s big occasion at York University in October in 2014 which he assisted protect a record attendance at through lecture shout-outs, social networks promo and a collaboration with Aspiring Solicitors, for which he is likewise an ambassador.

The Darlington-born novice has actually likewise been on hand to help students discover more about the firm throughout the year, providing them a steer about exactly what makes the worldwide giant various. In doing so, he has filled them in on the groundbreaking 2013 tie-up in between elite London firm SJ Berwin, leading Chinese attire King & Wood and Australian aristocrat Mallesons that saw KWM come into remaining in its present type.

As Turner has got to know the legal market, he has worked hard to develop his commercial awareness by checking out legal and financial news titles. It s that combination of broader market knowledge, understanding of the firm and ease with using the law to practical scenarios that he thinks got him the vac scheme. And his recommendations to first year students looking for to land the KWM campus manager function this year for which the deadline is 29 April develops on those principles. He comments:

Do the research into the firm. KWM is unique in a great deal of ways, and you have to show your awareness of that and why it interests you. It also helps to talk to previous school ambassador, even ones from other firms. They will provide you an understanding broadly into the interview process, which most students won t have actually experienced before.

19th-century Belgian law enabled bombing suspects to go free

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19th-century Belgian law enabled bombing suspects to go free
A 19th-century law has become the current flashpoint in the finger-pointing over who failed to prevent recently’s horror attacks at Brussels Airport and a city station.

Two suspects, siblings Khalid and Ibrahim El Bakraoui eliminated in the airport suicide battles had been conditionally launched from prison for a previous crime because of the 1888 law.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui was sentenced to 10 years for shooting at a police officer in 2010. He served four years and 9 months prior to being released. And Khalid El Bakraoui served three years of a five-year sentence for a 2011 armed robbery prior to he was released in 2013.

Both men broke the terms of their conditional release Khalid touched with previous criminal associates, while Ibrahim cannot show for consultations with his justice assistant however cops were not able to locate and re-arrest them.
till be serving their sentences were it not for the law Lejeune, named for Belgian justice minister Jules Le Jeune, who presented it in 1888. The law allows inmates to be launched from prison after they served a 3rd of their sentence.

That s simply wrong, Interior Minister Jan Jambon told the Belgian day-to-day De Morgen on Monday about the early release of Ibrahim El Bakraoui. Especially if you take a look at the moderate conditions he was given.

Jambon, a member of the right-wing N-VA party, said the governing celebrations had already accepted update the law in their 2014 union agreement.

Everybody wants to make the law stricter, however the concern is: How far should we go? N-VA wishes to go quite far. We feel at least four-fifths of a sentence ought to be served, he informed the paper.

It s not the first time the law has come under analysis.

There was a fierce public protest when Belgium’s most notorious pedophile, Marc Dutroux, was approved conditional release in 1992.

After that, stricter provisions were introduced for conditional release and eliminated the decision-making procedure from justice ministers to provide it to sentence enforcement courts.

Kris Luyckx, a legal representative at the Desdalex law practice in the Flemish city of Antwerp, wasn t amazed by restored calls to upgrade the law.

When a society is so deeply struck at its core, you can constantly anticipate a sort of vengeance sensation toward individuals who dedicated those realities.

The public wants those found guilty of such attacks to be sentenced as harshly and as long as possible, ideally with simply water and bread and no TV or radio, the legal representative said.

For Luyckx, the days of an eye for an eye are over.

This is an extremely humanist law that is constructed on the concept that everybody, at one point, will return to society, he stated. And the law works.

Justice minister Koen Geens stated Tuesday that he doesn t want to upgrade the law.

Now is not the time for a deep discussion on this topic, he told the Belgian news agency Belga.